8 Reasons Sinead O’Connor’s Makeover Rules

06.03.14 3 years ago

What you're seeing above is an incredible promo photo from Sinead O'Connor's next album “I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss,” which received its title from Sheryl Sandberg's same-named movement. The disc comes out Aug. 12, and if it aims to promote the same empowered feminist message as the #BanBossy campaign, we are totally psyched.

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But there are eight other reasons to be excited for “I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss” — and we're not even talking about the music. Here are eight reasons Sinead's incredible makeover is working for us. 

1. It's a little bit classic, like Miss Louise Brooks.


2. It's a little bit modern, like Christian Siriano's “Project Runway” work.


3. It's just as rock n' roll as she's always been.

4. It's a little bit wicked, like Isabella Rossellini in “Death Becomes Her.” 


5. It's a little bit uber-glam, and Sinead hasn't served up true wig glamor since “No Man's Woman.” Time for a comeback.


6. It's kind of a perfected version of Madonna's Met Gala getup from 2013.

7. More importantly, it's a perfected version of Miley Cyrus' version of a punk look.


8. And last: Because it's nice to know there are multiple ways a kickass artist can look flawless.


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