9 Celebrities Who Need To Do A Reddit AMA

, and 04.16.14 4 years ago

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Celebrity Reddit AMAs range from the fantastic (Bryan Cranston, Will Ferrell) to the snoozeworthy (Keanu Reeves) to the downright disastrous (Woody Harrelson), and seemingly every A-lister under the sun as of late has been signing on to have random internet people ask them ridiculous questions.

Of course, there are still quite a few famous folk who have yet to submit themselves to the suddenly-ubiquitous AMA phenomenon, and below we've listed nine celebs we'd love to see get cozy with their online fans at some point in the (hopefully near) future. Because when Madonna does something, everyone else must eventually follow.

After checking out our picks below, let us know which Reddit AMA you'd most like to see by voting in the poll further down.

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