A Gif conversation about patriotism with Lana Del Rey

07.04.13 4 years ago

So, Lana Del Rey, you’re into America, right? That’s kind of your thing?

Cool, I thought so.

Nice. Yeah. Got it.

Lana? I believe you. About the America thing. That’s kind of why I wanted to talk.

Seriously, we are good on flags.

Don’t worry about it. Okay, so, since it’s Independence Day and all, I wanted to ask: what does patriotism mean to you?

I suppose that is kind of a hard question to answer on the spot. Okay, what about freedom? What does freedom mean to you?

Sure, sure. I guess swinging to and fro in the desert does represent a certain kind of freedom. What about, like, for other Americans? Any messages about freedom for them?

Ha – point taken! Anything else?

Ah, a First Amendment fan, I see!

And… a Second Amendment fan. So, how do you feel about quartering soldiers during peacetime?


Right. Got it. Well, I hope you and your soldier have a happy Fourth!

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