A Shirtless Paul Rudd diverts L.A. drivers attention

02.26.09 8 years ago

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Yes, awards season is over, but I’m not going anywhere (wait, was that disappointment I heard?). 

At some point, this blog will be rebranded for the off season as “the EIC.”  It’s still going to cover the highlights of what’s become a year-round awards season and no doubt may of you are counting the days till the MTV Movie Awards (although I’m not sure why), but until things heat up in early September, the EIC is going to try and fill in the gaps in the worlds of movies, music and pop culture that Drew McWeeny and Melinda Newman are amazingly chronicling in their Motion/Captured and The Beat Goes On blogs respectively.  And no, I’m not going near TV except for my “Battlestar” recaps, because I think my continuing disdain for the medium may drive Fienberg over the edge. And as we all know, that can’t happen at least until “Idol” finishes it’s current season in May.

[And yes this means dance music will finally gets its occasional due on HitFix.  House music will never die people. Deal with it.  Just be glad I’m obstaining from writing about the depressing state of Clippers basketball.]

So, while an Oscar wrap up is coming tomorrow (I swear), I had to pass on this interesting twist to DreamWorks/Paramount’s marketing campaign for “I Love You, Man.”

The upcoming comedy stars Paul Rudd as Peter, a real estate agent who is psyched to be marrying his longtime sweetheart. Unfortunately, Peter’s been one of those guys who has always had more “girl” friends than “guy” friends, so when it’s time to find a best man he’s sort of screwed. After going on a bunch of “man dates,” he finally finds his destined buddy, or so he thinks, in Sydney, played by Jason Segal.  I haven’t seen the flick but as the opening night film at SXSW next month it’s got to be better than your average studio comedy, right?

In any event, in a sly move to tap into Peter’s metrosexual tendencies (apparently butch men have no interest in “The Devil Wears Prada”), Paramount has put up a fake billboard at the corner of Beverly Blvd. and Robertson Blvd. touting the character’s real estate services in a most provocative manner.  According to our own Drew McWeeny (who knows a good deal more about the movie than I do), “Peter’s competition in the film is a guy who puts up really douchey billboards all over LA, and Peter refuses to play that game.  He thinks it’s tacky.  Obviously, something changes by the end of the movie.  But what?” 

More third act conflict. Nice.

Besides the fact the ad is within walking distance of The Ivy and paparazzi row, it is also directly on the border of West Hollywood (where liberal means mandatory washboard abs and being the home of the first Pinkberry store).  They are even pushing a fake front end to their official “I Love You, Man” website at PeterKlaven.com.

Now, whether the gays who live in WeHo will fall for such shrill marketing tactics as a shirtless Paul Rudd remains to be seen.  If they do, Focus will be cursing themselves for not putting a bare-chested Sean Penn on the “Milk” poster to drive the movie into profitability (I kid Focus peeps! I kid!).

Update: Paramount has just launched a new Restricted Clip titled “Boat Race” (although it has little to do with one) that’s pretty funny.  Check it out here.

“I Love You Man” opens nationwide on March 20.

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