A Startling Realization About The Ladies Of Star Wars

02.18.14 14 Comments


‘Star Wars’ is one of the most iconic movie franchises of all time. But when something is so universally known, sometimes the flaws are overlooked in the glow of lightsaber battles. Take the ladies from a galaxy far, far away for example. There are very few of them in the original trilogy – two or three, depending on if you count the Twi’lek Oola – and only a smattering more in the prequels. But hey, at least they all are strong, butt-kicking, I-Am-No-Man types, right? Well, not really. As has been quoted here, the Star Wars universe is terrifying for women.

In Star Wars, a boy can grow up to be a knight or a wizard, but if you”re a girl, you have one good role model- one good, sexy role model- but you better be born a princess or good at space hooking, cuz those are your options.

There’s just something unsettling once you realize the women are subjected to horrible things in the name of upping the sex factor. And when Tumblr user Princess Slay-Ya juxtaposes the top Google search terms for Leia, Oola, and Padme with what viewers CONSIDER their sexiest moments, it gets downright disturbing.

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