A True Hollywood Comeback: HitFix Brings TV Tattle Back To Life

05.07.13 4 years ago 2 Comments
LOS ANGELES, May 7, 2013 — HitFix (www.hitfix.com), the fastest growing provider of authentic entertainment news, announced today that, effective immediately, TV Tattle (www.tvTattle.com) has joined HitFix’s growing family of popular entertainment blogs that includes Alan Sepinwall’s “What’s Alan Watching,” Drew McWeeny’s “Motion Captured” and Kris Tapley’s “In Contention.”
“Both HitFix and TV Tattle are committed to delivering timely and relevant entertainment news,” said Jen Sargent, HitFix CEO. “TV Tattle has become a must-read for those who love television and HitFix is driving consumer discovery, conversation and choices across all aspects of entertainment. This brand aligns with our goal of bringing the most conversation worthy and engaging content to fans.”
Since launching the site independently in 2000, founder Norman Weiss built TV Tattle into something that is seen as “an addictive daily read for Hollywood power-players, entertainment journalists and TV fans alike” (The Hollywood Reporter). But on April 18 of this year the site went dark, with a message to fans that simply read “TV Tattle is calling it quits. This is the end of the line. Thanks for reading.”
When reached for further comment, Weiss explained that his decision to shutter the site was not driven by any loss of love for TV journalism, but a difficult landscape for driving ad revenue independently, in spite of the site”s popularity. Upon hearing this, HitFix immediately contacted Weiss to discuss joining forces.
“TV Tattle has been a daily part of my TV news diet for so long, I wasn’t sure anything could fill the void created by its shutdown,” said Alan Sepinwall, Sr. Editor and TV Critic for HitFix. “I’m very proud that HitFix could play a role in bringing Tattle back to life.”
“HitFix is the perfect fit for reviving TV Tattle,” added Weiss. “I’m excited and grateful for this opportunity to continue doing what I have been doing.”
TV Tattle is now available at http://www.hitfix.com/TVTattle, as well as at its original address of www.tvTattle.com.
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