ABC may bring ‘Body of Proof’ back from the dead

10.22.13 4 years ago

ABC may bring “Body of Proof” back from the dead

The Dana Delany drama, canceled in May after three seasons, may return for midseason. But first ABC has to make a decision and get the cast together.

“Entourage” movie salary standoff is resembling the “Sex and the City” movie standoff
Is Adrian Grenier the new Kim Cattrall?

Animal Planet calls “Kitten Bowl” a “copy cat” for knocking off “Puppy Bowl”
An Animal Planet spokesperson says: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s reps deny report they’re making $4M each for Golden Globes

“The dollar figure that Radar has printed is grossly exaggerated,” say their representatives.

ABC orders additional scripts for “Super Fun Night” and “Back in the Game”
The script orders appear to be a vote of confidence in the two freshman comedies.

“SVU” and “Scandal” are both doing Anthony Weiner-inspired stories this week
Both dramas will do their own take on the disgraced ex-congressman.

“Doctor Who’s” 50th anniversary special will be shown in 3D in UK theaters

The theater release will come at the same time as the BBC broadcast.

China is cracking down on reality shows
Channels will have to get approval from the Chinese government to air reality TV.

“Glee” releases images from its Lady Gaga/Katy Perry episode
The costumes are kind of amazing in “A Katy or a Gaga.”

Will “Homeland’s” twist addiction turn off viewers?
As James Poniewozik notes, “Surprise twists are like a cheap drug for thriller dramas. They’re a rush, they give you a quick fix–but over time, you develop a tolerance. If you occasionally pull the rug out from under your audience, in a way that”s clever and serves the story, that can be effective. But pull the rug out too often, and the audience loses its investment, because you’re not telling a story anymore, just playing a game.” PLUS: Martin Donovan on his new role, and why twist haters are clueless.

“Looper” kid to play Halle Berry’s son on her CBS drama

Pierce Gagnon has joined the cast of “Extent.”

Why didn’t cable pick up Sarah’s Silverman’s rejected NBC pilot?

“Susan 313” could’ve worked in the vein of Louis CK’s “Louie” or Marc Maron’s “Maron.”

“The Walking Dead” cast “sings” “The Monster Mash”
Watch a “Dead” take on the 1962 classic song.

Does “American Horror Story” have too much death?
There’s been so much death that it’s almost become the norm. To which exec producer Brad Falchuk says: “If they are desensitized, then we’re not doing our job well enough that you want to care about the people that are alive.” PLUS: How to make an “AHS”-themed haunted house, and the first two “Coven” episodes are in the Top 3 in FX history.

FCC releases 38 anti-“Simpsons” complaints, including one outraged over a naked Homer Simpson obtained the complaints, which includes letters from viewers angry over Bart Simpson groin-kicking and Marge kissing another woman.

Why doesn’t TV feature more female friendships?

On shows like “New Girl” and “Scandal,” female characters have nobody to gossip with.

“Pretty Little Liars” spinoff “Ravenswood” seems uninspired
Where “PLL” is audacious, its spinoff feels warmed-over.

PBS tells the story of the African-American experience, starting from 1500

The six-part documentary “The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross” kicks off tonight by delving into the history of the slave trade.

Watch the “Boy Meets World” cast, reunited

The TGIF stars came together for a “GMA” appearance.

On Esquire channel, alcohol is the badge of belonging

The metrosexual channel is trying to be hip with its focus on craft beer, champagne, vodka, moonshine and even absinthe.

“Sleepy Hollow” adds a “Girlfriend”

Jill Marie Jones is joining the cast as Orlando Jones’ wife.

Here’s Taye Diggs romancing “New Girl”

Diggs will guest on the Nov. 5 episode. PLUS: Winston gets an admirer.

In defense of “Hostages”

The CBS drama has delivered gripping, edge-of-your-coach storylines.

Ellen sends 2 of her staffers into a haunted house
Watch their reactions to a “Walking Dead”-themed horror.

“Secret Life of the American Teenager” star joins Lifetime’s “Unreal”

Francis Raisa joins Shiri Appleby in the behind-the-scenes dating show drama.

Syfy orders “Opposite Worlds” — contestants will live in the future and the past
The Syfy competition will put 14 contestants in a house, and split them up into a two different worlds — one in the future, and one in the past.

CeeLo Green’s legal troubles hurt “The Voice”?
The charge that he dropped ecstasy in a woman’s drink ruins the show’s summer camp spirit. PLUS:

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