ABC schedules a Winter ‘Wipeout’

10.13.10 7 years ago


In recent years, the Big Red Balls and muddy humiliations of “Wipeout” have been as much a part of summer as BBQs, baseball and “Big Brother.” Now, ABC is looking to see if the summer favorite will play in other seasons as well.
ABC announced on Wednesday (Oct. 13) that a special winter season of “Wipeout” will premiere in January, with an eight-episode run that will compliment the 16 episodes already ordered for next summer.
The network boasts that a special “Winter Wonderland” course will be constructed for just this occasion. ABBC adds that the new episodes will come “complete with slippery ice, frosty snow and numerous avalanches of Wipeouts. Cold climate-loving contestants will bundle up as they compete on all-new stunts such as the Spanker Sleds, the Wipeout Ski Lift and the Polar Bear Run.”
“‘Wipeout’ is one of Endemol”s most successful global hits, and it”s exciting to see the brand expanding,” states David Goldberg, Chairman of Endemol USA. “I”m thrilled that fans of the summer version will now be able to get their fix of laughs and wipeouts set in a winter wonderland.”
Otherwise, the show will continue with business as usual. The $50,000 grand prize will remain intact, as will hosts John Anderson and John Henson, plus co-host Jill Wagner.
Stay tuned for a more specific “Wipeout” January premiere date as winter approaches.

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