Adam Driver and Corey Stoll on Beating Each Other Up

09.17.14 3 years ago

Corey Stoll and Adam Driver are familiar faces to fans of “The Strain” and “Girls,” but both actors were awed by their iconically familiar costars in the new dramedy “This is Where I Leave You.” 

For Driver, costar Jane Fonda's 1971 film “Klute” was a personal favorite. For Stoll, costar Tina Fey was more than just a towering “SNL” alum. She was his favorite reason to watch television at all. 

“When '30 Rock' was on the air, that was the show I had to watch every week,” Stoll said. “It's such an incredible accomplishment, that show. It's so consistently funny in so many different ways.”

We interviewed both costars about their rambunctious fight scenes, feeling like a family on the set of “This is Where I Leave You,” and why Driver doesn't watch his own movies.

“This is Where I Leave You” opens September 19.

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