Adam Lambert delays new single release again: When will it come out now?

11.08.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

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Oh Adam, you tease us so.  Adam Lambert has pushed back the release of his new single…again.

The season eight “American Idol” runner up, who performed Sunday night at MTV”s EMAs with Queen, sent a string of messages to his 1.2 million Twitter followers very early Tuesday.

We”ve run them all together since we”re not constrained by 140 characters at a time.

“Dear amazing fans; I [expletive] love you!!!; ). Update on first single: due to some unforeseen logistics, legal annoyances and creative details, the first single is delayed again…I want to apologize for claiming November as the release month. I spoke too soon. I had a great meeting in London yesterday and…to take the time to ensure the song is its BEST and that the whole album and campaign is a unified artistic extension of my spirit. Thank you so much for your patience. I PROMISE I won”t let you down & that this upcoming project will take you on a wild ride! I love u all.”

In September, Lambert tweeted that he was “finishing up all these amazing new tunes” and that he expected to have a single out “next month(ish),” meaning October. That became November and now, Lambert has wised up and he”s not giving us a date to hold him to.

The new album, which is expected in 2012, will be the follow-up to “For Your Entertainment,” released in November 2009.

Could it be that one of the “legal annoyances” he references above is the lawsuit filed against him last week by Colwel Platinum Entertainment? The company alleges that Lambert violated the eligibility requirements for “American Idol” because he was under contract to Colwel”s  Welsford Music Productions division at the time for recording and to its Wilshire Publishing Ltd subsidiary for music publishing. Plus, the suit, as reported in The Hollywood Reporter, alleges that his violated Colwel”s rights with his post-”Idol” career by signing to 19/RCA.  Colwel recently released “Beg for Mercy,” an album recorded by Lambert prior to his “Idol” run. Following protests from Lambert”s reps, Amazon stopped offering the album on Oct. 14.

As is his wont, Lambert tweeted on Nov. 5, possibly about the suit, “Remember that in any dispute, reserve judgement until all the facts surface from ALL parties. Guilt and innocence come with a complete story.”

What do you think is the real reason for the delay?

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