Adam Lambert gets booted from ‘Good Morning America’ schedule

11.24.09 8 years ago


Adam Lambert and his record label are feeling the sting today after ABC’s “Good Morning America” canceled the pop singer’s appearance, originally scheduled for tomorrow morning. Or, who knows — maybe they like it.

According to Access Hollywood, a rep for the show gave the statement, “Given his controversial live performance on the AMAs, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning.”

They could have just left it at “concert.” As previously reported, the eye-orgy of a performance at the American Music Awards Sunday included Lambert flipping the bird, simulating oral sex with members of his dance crew and kissing a male keyboardist. He claimed the actions were made in the spur of the moment, as ABC claimed they too were taken by surprise. Still, fans and critics, including this one, are calling shenanigans on that “spontaneous” show of emotion.

Is this the first in a line of cancellations? Not necessarily. CBS nabbed up Lambert for “The Early Show” for tomorrow morning and still has him skedded for David Letterman tomorrow night.

ABC was the network that aired the AMAs to begin with, so “fool me once…” may be the guiding phrase in this particular case, for that morning audience: its demographic is probably similar to the demo behind the 1,500 complaints filed against ABC/Dick Clark Productions after the AMAs.

Lambert, who gained fame coming in second on season eight of “American Idol,” has yet to make a major televised performance of tracks from “For Your Entertainment” on “AI” home FOX. NBC will have him on for “Ellen Degeneres” (a soon-to-be-AI judge) on Dec. 1. His diehard fans have stood by his show of “artistic expression” throughout this short debacle.

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