Adam Lambert tops Amazon chart two months before release

09.29.09 8 years ago

Never underestimate the power of “American Idol.”  Today is one of the biggest release days in months with Mariah Carey, Madonna, Barbra Streisand and others putting out new albums. Guess who is on top of Amazon’s bestsellers chart?  Adam Lambert. That’s right. It’s two months until his CD comes out on Nov. 24 and yet fans are pre-ordering his record in greater numbers than buying a CD they can actually hear before the first frost.

Amazon’s list is updated hourly, so we don’t know how long Lambert’s CD, which doesn’t even have a name yet, will be on top. Interestingly,  the 67-year-old Streisand is No. 2 and No. 4, as the deluxe version of “Love is the Answer” snags the second spot and the regular edition is in the fourth spot.

We don’t know the average age of the Amazon buyer, but remember even though they’re buying online, they’re purchasing physical CDs, not downloads.  We’re figuring they’re older than the average iTunes purchaser,  simply based on the list. At No. 3 is Harry Connick,  No. 5 is the Beatles and No. 6 is Susan Boyle. Lambert is bringing down the average artist age way down.

 It’s a very different story over at iTunes, where Paramore’s “Brand New Eyes” takes up no. 1 and 2 (the deluxe version is at the top). Pearl Jam’s “Backspacer”  is No. 3, fellow rockers Breaking Benjamin are at No. 4 and country sweetheart Miranda Lambert is at No. 5.  In other words, 17-year olds are buying on iTunes, 40-year olds are buying on Amazon.  Stay tuned. We still think Carey is going to come out on top this week.

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