Alex Pettyfer talks Channing Tatum possibly directing ‘Magic Mike 2’

02.07.14 4 years ago

A “Magic Mike” sequel is only in development right now, but that hasn’t kept people from talking about the possibilty of the film’s co-lead Channing Tatum taking up the director’s chair for “2.”

Alex Pettyfer, Tatum’s cohort from that film, was working press recently for forthcoming romance flick “Endless Love,” and had a little to say about Tatum maybe taking on a directorial role for the stripper flick

“Channing is such a talented man. I don’t need to say that, everyone one knows that. He’s a smart business man. He’ll do whatever he thinks is necessary for the film.”

So there you have it. Pettyfer wouldn’t mention if he was part of the next film; at this point, it looks like “Mike” may even be closer to stage than the big screen. Tatum confirmed in July last year that a musical/Broadway stage version of the movie was in development as much as a sequel was. Of the latter, he told the Hollywood Reporter, “It will be a road trip movie, and it will essentially be the movie that everyone thought the first one was going to be-crazy and fun and less slice-of-life and less drama. The first one, we had to make not so cheesy and campy; this one we are going to swing for the fences.”

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