Alex Trebek responds to ‘Jeopardy!’ Kids Week controversy: ‘It wasn’t my decision’

08.09.13 4 years ago

Alex Trebek responds to “Jeopardy!” Kids Week controversy: “It wasn’t my decision”
“It was the judges'” decision, says Trebek, who has gotten much of the flak. “I don’t mind being accountable if it’s something I have done, but it kind of bothers me to take a lot of flak for something I haven”t done. I must be getting thin-skinned in my old age.”

CBS: Time Warner blackout barely affected ratings

The network says it’s only down .2% in viewers.

“The Love Boat” cruise ship is going to its final resting place, a junkyard in Turkey

The Pacific Princess will be stripped for parts.

Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan may go “Dancing”
The Brazilian driver said he met with “Dancing with the Stars” producers last month.

The Fox Sports Robot has been brought to life
A 6′ 9″ version of Cleatus is helping promote the new FS1 network.

AMC boss recounts “Breaking Bad’s” journey — it premiered vs. Giants-Packers OT playoff game
How did AMC decide to follow “Mad Men” with “Breaking Bad”? AMC president and GM Charlie Collier talks about that and how AMC felt validated as a network when, after one year, “Mad Men” won the best drama Emmy and Bryan Cranston won best dramatic actor.

Watch David Letterman and Michael Keaton on Mary Tyler Moore’s failed variety show
Both were stars of “Mary,” which ran in 1978, one year after “Mary Tyler Moore” ended.

“Today” will unveil a new set on Sept. 9
“It is much more ‘current’ than what we have,” says exec producer Don Nash. “I think it is much more exciting. We will have a lot more bells and whistles to play with, but it is classy, just like the show itself.”

“Top Chef” gets a web “prequel” starring Padma Lakshmi

In “Padma’s Picks,” chefs will compete to appear on the Bravo reality show.

What is up with cable TV’s after-show trend?
Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” has spawned “Talking Bad” and “Shark After Dark.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan calls “Magic City” cancelation “a big open wound”
“It’s a little bit depressing,” he says. “But that being said, to be part of such a great show is pretty great, and I met some really fantastic people.”

“The O.C.”: The definitive show about the economy in the 2000s
Did Ryan Atwood foreshadow the Occupy movement? PLUS: Seth Cohen: An appreciation.

FX pushing hard to get “Louie” an Emmy

The Emmy campaign includes pricey billboards and a special screening held last night.

What did Carrie write in her “Homeland” notebook?

The Season 3 trailer offers a detailed look at Carrie’s notes.

Jennifer Aniston had a “Friends” reunion nightmare

She dreamt that there was a reunion, and she wasn’t invited.

Guy Fieri to host “Grocery Games”
The Food Network show will pit chefs in a supermarket challenge.

“Mad Men” opening credits lawsuit settled

Former ’60s model Gita Hall May had sued because she was featured in a Revlon ad in the opening credits without her permission.

The “Pardon the Interruption” guys visited the Oval Office
Check out Tony, Tony and Mike with President Obama.

Alton Brown launches “Cutthroat Kitchen”
The new Food Network competition will use sabotage and tricks in pitting four chefs against each other.

Check out Heidi Klum on “Parks and Rec” set
Hanging with Leslie Knope and April Ludgate.

“Scandal” elevators, explained
Go behind the scenes of the Pope & Associate Entry and front hall.

TV’s top showrunners talk making shows in the “Twitter Age”
Says Carlton Cuse: “I resorted to live-tweeting ‘Bates Motel’ with my mother to get viewers to show up live. I have no shame.”

Andy Samberg explains the evolution of his hair
His hair has been on a journey, especially when he started on “SNL” with what looked like a “hippie mullet.”

“Amish Mafia” going to prison

Alan Beiler, 35, was sentenced to three to 23 months for injuring a state trooper during a car chase.

Watch another “Girls” Season 2 deleted scene

Shoshanna and Marnie talk about Ray.

“Community” reruns begin on Comedy Central on Sept. 15

The syndication run will kick off with a 10-episode block of “fan-favorite episodes.”

Cinemax returns with “Strikeback” Season 3

It’s one of those shows that knows what it wants to do, and does it well.

Larry David’s “Clear History” is like a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” all-star jam
Even though David isn’t playing himself, the HBO film feels at times like a movie-length version of “Curb.” PLUS: David’s movie isn’t great but has its moments, and there are consequences for being a jerk, unlike “Curb,” and watch a supercut of Larry David acting silly on “Fridays.”

AMC’s “Low Winter Sun” is made up of the “sorry trimmings” of quality TV

The Detroit-set cop drama is a mess full of cliches, says Andy Greenwald. “‘Low Winter Sun’ has not an ounce of originality or spark,” he adds. “Rather, it clumsily cobbles together a whole host of macho signs and signifiers in the hope that they’ll add up to something more than gunsmoke and other forms of hot air.” PLUS: It is entirely without humor, is this the beginning of an AMC slump?, and is “Low Winter Sun” the new “Wire”?

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