‘ALF’ the movie is happening

08.08.12 5 years ago 22 Comments


Better hide away your beloved felines, America – because ALF is back.

That’s right! The studio that brought you last year’s box-office blockbuster “The Smurfs” is now developing a big-screen version of the…erm, well-known 1980s sitcom, and like that earlier effort it’ll take the form of a live-action/CGI hybrid probably starring some B-level actors.

Cashing in on/producing the project are Tom Patchett, the creator of the original series, and Paul Fusco, the puppeteer who also provided ALF’s voice. While there will be no actual puppeteering needed for the film, which we assume will feature a fully-animated version of the lovable alien, Fusco is expected to return as the voice of the character.

This happy news was brought to you by The Hollywood Reporter.

“ALF,” which ran on NBC from 1986-1990, centered on a furry, cat-eating alien who hides out with a suburban family after crash-landing on Earth. It did not win any Emmys.

Will you be seeing “ALF” the movie, America? Sound off in the comments, why dont’cha!

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