All the movie Super Bowl TV Spots from ‘Transformers 3’ to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’

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All the new movie TV spots debuting during the 2011 Super Bowl will be posted here as they happen.  For a rundown on all the Super Bowl commercials, check out Dan Fienberg’s live blog here. 

Which is your favorite?  Share your thoughts below.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”
What’s New: Not much?  Just lots and lots of Johnny Depp hamming it up for moviegoers.
Overall Grade: B -.  We’re sorry, we’re missing Orlando and Keira, but it’s cute.

“Super 8”
What’s New: J.J. Abrams channels his inner Spielberg, adds some flares and has us at the wind machines blowing the kids’ hair.
Overall Grade: A

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”
What’s New: Everything including Optimus Prime using a samurai sword like he’s Voltron.
Overall Grade: A. ‘Nuff said. Just watch.

What’s New: The God of Thunder uses Mjolnir to destroy some land in front of him and I believe we met an ice monster from Asgard.
Overall Grade: B+.  We’re still worried about the stuff on Earth, but the longer they stay in Asgard the better it looks.

“Captain America: The First Avenger”
What’s New: Everything.  Watch scrawny Steve Rogers become transformed into Super Soldier Captain America and check out that makeup on the Red Skull.
Overall Grade: B.  The period stuff looks great, but we’re a bit underwhelmed.

“Cowboys & Aliens”
What’s New: We finally got to see what the aliens ships look like up close, lots of shots of Olivia Wilde with a  perplexed look on her face and what appears to be humans rounded up by aliens. 
Overall Grade: B+.  We want more!

“Kung Fu Panda 2”
What’s New: Um, not much, but it’s pretty!
Overall Grade: B.  We love Po, but looking for more than “wok you.”

What’s New: Not much, but it’s well cut and still looks quirky fun.
Overall Grade: B.

“Just Go With It”
What’s New: Brooklyn Decker doing her Bo Derek from “10” impression and doing it very, very well.
Grade: B+.  Hey, it grabbed half of America’s attention. 

“Battle: Los Angeles”
What’s New: Not much, but it’s well cut.  Definitely going for that “District 9” vibe.
Overall Grade: B -.  Not sure it will be remembered at the water cooler tomorrow morning.

 “Drive Angry”
What’s New:: Not much. We’ve seen most of this footage before in other trailers, although that might be a new shot of the police car going off the bridge at the end. It’s more about the voice over and quotes from critics to give folks who have never heard of it a taste of Cage, cars and Amber Heard.
Overall Grade: C Come on, it’s the Superbowl, give us a little more!

The New: Another quick but pretty look at the new 3D animated film about tropical birds. Lots of colorful feathers and some quick action.
Overall Grade: A.  This is how you use your precious Superbowl ad time! Lots to look at and leaves you wanting more.

“The Adjustment Bureau”
The New: It’s all pretty new, starting with a great scene of Matt Damon stumbling upon the well dressed men who control our destinies. The rest we may have seen in other trailers, but a nice tightly cut spot.
Overall Grade: A Wow, might actually want to see it now.

“Fast Five”
The New: Not so much new stuff, just more girls guns and muscle cars that power this franchise. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s looking especially bad-ass
Overall Grade: C could have used some new footage…

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