Amazing Spider-Man Cheat Sheet: Everything you need to know about the webslinger

06.25.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

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Though Spider-Man is undoubtedly one of the most popular comic-book characters of all time, there are those outside the fanboy/girl demographic who possess only a basic understanding of the classic Marvel superhero. Our HitFix Cheat Sheet: Amazing Spider-Man aims to change all that.

Ever wonder about Spider-Man’s origins, either on or off the page? Confused as to the distinction between Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy? Curious what the difference will be between Sam Raimi’s original trilogy and director Marc Webb’s upcoming reboot?

All your questions and more will be answered in this second edition of our ongoing Cheat Sheet series (our first put the spotlight on The Avengers), a 10-minute must-watch guide that utilizes interview footage, film clips, and expert commentary from HitFix’s own Drew McWeeny and Zap2it contributor and fan favorite Jenna Busch in service of giving neophytes and casual fans alike a better understanding of the venerable comic-book wallcrawler and his upcoming big-screen adventure “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

The HitFix Cheat Sheet (in partnership with video-sharing site Crackle) will be a regular feature going forward, so after you view we’d appreciate any feedback in the comments section below!

Looking for even more info on the webslinger and his upcoming film? Visit our “Spider-Man” hub page to check out all our other Spidey-related content!

“The Amazing Spider-Man” hits theaters on July 3.

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