‘American Horror Story’ season 6’s theme has one Virginia town super upset

09.15.16 1 year ago

After months of mystery, misdirects, and speculation, the theme of American Horror Story“s sixth season has finally been revealed.

Warning: some spoilers ahead for AHS”s season 6 premiere


The anthology series” season premiere tonight delivered a true crime-esque docuseries called My Roanoke Nightmare complete with interviews and re-enactments depicting a couple moving into an isolated house in North Carolina.

Both horror and history enthusiasts will presume that the spooky North Carolina house has a connection to the colony on Roanoke Island. The English settlement was mysteriously found deserted during the Anglo-Spanish War in 1587. The only clue as to the missing colonists” whereabouts was the word ‘CROATOAN” carved into a post on the perimeter fence. The “lost colony” has puzzled and fascinated people for centuries and has been the subject of several sci-fi/horror imaginings of what could have happened there, including an early episode of Supernatural.

But there are some folks in one place who are not at all fascinated or pleased with all this Roanoke Island, North Carolina mystery: the residents of Roanoke, Virginia.

Whoever”s running the Twitter official account of the other Roanoke even sent out an Angry Birds gif to tell us exactly how they feel about AHS”s new theme:


This was right after the @City_of_Roanoke account engaged in a pretty funny exchange with an EW writer that is an exercise in clearing up confusion that the residents of Roanoke, Virginia are probably all too used to.



The second of AHS season 6″s 10 episodes airs next Wednesday, September 21 at 10 p.m. on FX. You have fun with those 10 weeks, Roanoke, Virginia.

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