‘America’s Next Top Model’ welcomes men for Cycle 20

10.16.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

The CW

The CW has renewed its unkillable reality franchise “America’s Next Top Model” for an astounding 20th Cycle. 
After years and years and years of refusing to tinker with the format at all, “America’s Next Top Model” will introduce yet another twist in Cycle 20: For the first time (on a show that isn’t called “Make Me a Supermodel”), male models and female models will be living in the same house and competing for the Top Model crown.
The injection of men into the mix follows such recent “Top Model” innovations as: Short models, All-Stars, random British people and college girls.
In addition to bringing in the co-eds, the 19th installment of “Top Model” also introduced an online voting component and became the show’s first cycle to premiere outside of the confines of the regular TV series.
The CW plans to continue that scheduling structure, holding Cycle 20 for a summer 2013 premiere.
And yes, that means that The CW will apparently be “ANTM”-free in the spring for the very first time. Even given the netlet’s brief history, that seems like a milestone of sorts.

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