Amy Adams puts the kibosh on Lois Lane/Wonder Woman catfight in ‘Batman v Superman’


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an action movie with two female characters, must be in want of a love triangle. Or at least a catfight.

But no more. During an interview for “Big Eyes” with, Amy Adams scoffed at the idea that her character Lois Lane would vie for Superman”s affections with Gal Gadot”s Wonder Woman.

“They always think that if you put in another woman and automatically… ‘Catfight!”” said Adams during the junket.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

Ever since DC Comics relaunched the New 52, Clark Kent and Lois Lane have been regulated to “just friends” while Superman dates Wonder Woman. Whether or not this is a good idea is a subject of great debate amongst fans. (Editor”s Note: Wonder Woman/Batman OTP). But the DC movie universe is not Earth-0 and “Man of Steel” ended on a romantically ambiguous note. Whether the writers decide to introduce Wonder Woman as a love interest for Superman is still unknown.

Whichever way the subplot wind blows, Adams scoffs at the concept of women fighting over a man. “I think that”s a male fantasy thing. I don”t think that”s reality.”

If we”re very lucky, perhaps business mogul Diana and crack journalist Lois will team-up in “Batman v Superman” to bring a rogue murdering Man of Steel to heel. I mean, you can”t just go around snapping necks and toppling over buildings full of innocent civilians without consequence, right?

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

“Batman v Superman” calls the court to order on March 25, 2016.

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