Amy Schumer’s emotional ‘Howard Stern’ moment: ‘Trainwreck’ happened because of you

06.30.15 2 years ago

Though many, many people deserve credit for bringing Amy Schumer's upcoming big-screen vehicle “Trainwreck” to fruition — not least of whom is Schumer herself — on Tuesday the comedian had one unlikely person to thank for helping start the engine: King of All Media Howard Stern.

“The only reason that this movie got made is because of you putting me on this show,” Schumer told Howard during her appearance on this morning's episode. “Howard, thank you.”

“Are you getting emotional on me?” Howard asked when Schumer became visibly teary.

“Yes! Shut up! I tried to…push it off with a joke about jerking off,” Schumer responded. “Don't talk to me.”

Joked Howard later: “Would you cry a little louder?”

“I've been doing so much press…and this is the one place you can be yourself and not be 'mehmehmehmeh',” she responded. “So yeah, I feel like I'm in the danger zone to possibly shed tears today.”

The backstory: “Trainwreck” director Judd Apatow, a loyal listener to Stern's SiriusXM radio show, heard Amy talking about her life during an October 2011 appearance and was so blown away that he reached out to her about collaborating on a film. Here's the filmmaker telling the story on “Stern” earlier this month:

“First of all, I”d like to say thank you, cause after listening to the show for 32 years, you finally made me some money,” Apatow joked to Howard. “I”m in my car….I”m listening to Amy on the show…It was really funny, really heartwarming, really dark humor, and I just parked and sat in the car for an hour listening to her. And in my head, I just thought, ‘These are movies.”…She was riotously funny.”

Other highlights from Amy's “Stern” sit-down included talk of being approached to host “The Daily Show” (“…it felt like it would be betting against myself”) and her upcoming three-concert gig opening for Madonna on the singer's world tour (“I still have not spoken to her”). You can listen to the full clip from Amy's appearance below.

“Trainwreck” hits theaters on July 17.

On “Trainwreck”:

On the “Daily Show” offer:

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