Amy Winehouse says a new album is coming, her producer says ‘no, no, no’

07.17.10 7 years ago

AP Photo

We”ll believe it when we hear it, but Amy Winehouse says she will have new music out by January. We don”t think she mentioned a year, however.

Seriously, she told British website metro, who spotted her at a movie premiere on July 15, that “the album will be six months at the most.” Stylistically, it will be like her Grammy-Award winning “Back to Black.”  “It”s going to be very much the same as my second album, where there”s a lot of jukebox stuff and the songs that are…just jukebox, really.”

Yeah, we have no idea what that means either.

Now here”s where it gets weird. Winehouse jumped on stage earlier this month in London at a Mark Ronson gig to since “Valerie,” from his album, “Version.” As you know, Ronson produced 2006″s “Back to Black.” He then told the U.K.”s Daily Mail after his gig that “Amy hasn”t begun working on her next record yet…When she”s got 10 songs we”ll go down to the studio together.”

Hmmm, one of them is pulling a fast one and we”re thinking it may be the drug-addled girl with the beehive.
Regardless, it”s been a long time coming and we can’t wait to hear what she does next.

Are you looking forward to an Amy Winehouse comeback? 


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