An exclusive look at ‘U For Utopia’ from the brand-new ‘ABCs of Death 2’

10.03.14 3 years ago

Drafthouse Films

So how did you guys spend your Thursday nights?

Me, I'm enjoying “The ABCs of Death 2,” which is live on VOD right about now. It's a sequel to the anthology film that Drafthouse Films put out a few years ago, another chance for 26 different directors to get together to make short films about… well, death in all its forms. Murder, accidents, crimes of passion, age, sheer stupid luck. It's a great group of filmmakers working on the movie this time, and we've got a couple of fun things coming up to help celebrate the release of the movie.

Tonight, for example, there was a #DeathParty. What's that? Well, on Twitter, a bunch of the filmmakers all got together to hold a live conversation, a running commentary during the film, starting at 7:00 PST. They were joined by Tim League and Ant Timpson, two guys who have the most rabid appetites imaginable for the absurd and the extreme.

I've got an interview coming soon with Vincenzo Natali, director of “Cube” and “Splice” about his chapter in the film, but for tonight, let's just go with a still from “U Is For Utopia,” his chapter in the film.

Natali is the perfect kind of filmmaker for this kind of film, a guy with a very clear voice who has struggled with some really brutal development periods on films he's made. With this, he gets to make a complete idea, and he gets to do it quickly, delivering something and being able to move on and not having to dedicate years of his life to something that ends in frustration.

Check back here on the 7th and on the 23rd for two more fun “ABCs Of Death 2” updates involving Natali.

You can find the film on VOD now, and the film will roll into theaters on October 31st, just in time for the most f'ed up Halloween parties imaginable.

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