Watch: Angenlina Jolie shows her foes that ‘Salt’ is bad for their health

07.16.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

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 As fans of the “Tomb Raider” movies, and more recently, “Wanted” know, Angelina Jolie can run, jump, kick and punch as well or better than any of her male action counterparts. What’s more, she looks good doing it. It’s that ‘James Bond in female form’ quality that keeps getting her cast in these rock-em sock-em parts.

Originally written as a male agent,  Jolie’s ‘Agent Evelyn Salt’ is accused of espionage, and must run for her life from her former colleagues in three out of Four of these new clips from the Phillip Noyce thriller.

In the first three of these, Agent Salt is mostly escaping; escaping from locked rooms, from an overpass, and from the back seat of a car. We’re guessing that the last clip, (SPOILER?) “Perp Walk” is not the final scene of the movie, as she appears to be going to jail, with the whole world still mad at her.

Will she escape again? Will she be redeemed and have her name cleared? Is she really a villain?
Find out Friday, July 23 , 2010, when “Salt” opens Everywhere.


“Missile Launcher”

“Stunning Escape”

“Perp Walk”

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