Watch: Animal Collective debuts trippy ‘Today’s Supernatural’ video

08.17.12 5 years ago

Working with the same visuals director over and over again, Animal Collective get to play around with their strong suits and are allowed to experiment. Their suits in “Today’s Supernatural” are clown suits, and a Chinese dragon.

The Danny Perez-helmed full-length-movie-thing “ODDSAC” was a good example of how the members of the New York band sort of ooze and bolt in and out of their own tracks, musically and visually. There was a lot of similar electricity and tech-y weirdness that shows up in this track — culled from AC’s forthcoming full-length “Centipede Hz” —  and it works. The desert pastels and decadent styling enhance this upbeat ode, which is about as close to “pop music” as Animal Collective really gets.

“Centiped Hz” will get a full stream on Sunday (Aug. 19), a couple of weeks ahead of the official drop on Sept. 4. Stay tuned to Animal Collective Radio (powered by the Creator’s Project) at 9 p.m. local time then. As previously reported, AC Radio is a weekly streaming program that has featured new tunes from the band, various members’ remixes and tunes they love during the month of August.

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