Anna Kendrick channels Kesha and Britney Spears in ‘SNL’s’ ‘Little Mermaid’ spoof

04.06.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

Anna Kendrick did a lot of singing during her first hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. She sang a “Beauty and the Beast” tweaked “Belle” during the opening monologue.  She became an international nasty girl in “Dongs All Over The World” and even auditioned for Pharrell Williams in a sketch. Another major highlight, however, was a “Little Mermaid” spoof where Kendrick played Ariel.

Our heroine is willing to give up her voice to the evil Ursula (an amazing Aidy Bryant) for a pair of legs to marry Prince Barnes, but the Sea Witch is in for something of a surprise. Instead of that beautiful voice you remember, well, Ariel's been a little too influenced by a number of contemporary pop stars.

Update: Monday, April 7:  Well, looks like Disney's legal team didn't like this sketch as much as the rest of the world and had it taken down everywhere on the web. NBC usually is pretty confident and does their legal due diligence when posting sketches online (one reason it's hard to find the first two “Les Jeunes de Filles” online due to music issues), but this one must have been a surprise. Boo.

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