Another new ‘Wolverine’ trailer offers a quick look at the Silver Samurai

03.28.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Earlier this week we received the first domestic trailer for the anticipated X-men spin-off “The Wolverine,” and were left with a number of thoughts and questions

The brand new international trailer reveals a slightly different look at director James Mangold’s Japan-set take on the Marvel hero, played once again by Hugh Jackman. It also offers a bit more mood and atmosphere. 

The trailer features new footage not seen in the earlier clip, including a slightly longer look at Logan hitting rock-bottom in a Canadian mountain town and, more importantly, our first fleeting glimpse of the film’s main heavy, The Silver Samurai (“Die Another Day’s” Will Yun Lee). Shiny. 

And that dreamy shot of Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) is still in there, haunting him.

All this — plus deadly ninja, vengeful yakuza bosses, atomic bombs, and the apparent loss of his nifty healing power — could make this the worst vacation ever for Wolverine. 

Watch the new international trailer here:

“The Wolverine” opens July 26.

 What do you think of this trailer? Have we already been shown too much?

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