Apple eyes concert ticketing business

04.16.10 7 years ago


Of course by now we’re used to behemouths like Live Nation and Ticketmaster dominating how the concert business is run.

But now another major corporation wants in on the live performance jig: Apple.

According to CrunchGear, an Apple patent has been uncovered to reveal and iPhone application that will serve as an e-ticket, to be scanned or otherwise remotely connected to major live event venues.

Sketches indicate ways in which users of this app can purchase tickets, and to store these redeemable tickets onsite, without the need for a paper ticket, for sports, conventions, music concerts and other major events.

Of course, Ticketmaster has already endeavored in the paperless ticket market; however, this Apple patent indicates further benefits to going the paperless route, such as coupons for discounts onsite, or the ability to transfer information to other ticket holders at the event.

Sponsors would likely get a good deal out of the system, too, but being able to target specific consumers, perhaps with ads or aforementioned event deals.

There’s a proposal for kiosks and turnstiles to be able to scan the interface of your iPhone in order to grant entry into the event. That being said, we struggle to get our MTA card to swipe in New York, so how good can the tech be?

What do you think? Would you use your iPhone to get into concerts?

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