Appreciating Robin Williams: Mork from Ork taught kids that weirdness was OK

08.11.14 3 years ago


Appreciating Robin Williams: Mork from Ork taught kids that weirdness was OK
“Like any American child, I loved the Fonz,” says James Poniewozik, a child of the ’70s. “But the Fonz was a grownup, with his motorcycles and dates with triplets. Mork, who soon got his spinoff in 1978, was something else: an adult, and a kid, and a magical being. He was a grown man who looked at our world with the delighted surprise of a baby. The Fonz was cool. Mork was weird – popping-out-of-an-egg, rainbow-suspenders, scat-riffing-about-the Shah of Iran weird. And he communicated an idea that I hadn”t seen in non-cartoon pop culture before then: that weirdness was OK. No, it was great. It was energy. It opened up worlds.”
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