Are Buzz and friends heading to the trash in ‘Toy Story 3’?

12.26.09 8 years ago

Walt Disney Studios

There are numerous trailers flooding theaters this holiday season, but in what was probably a very smartest move to avoid the clutter, Walt Disney Studios and Pixar decided to wait on debuting a new preview of the highly-anticipated “Toy Story 3.”  Instead, they released a brand new :90 plus clip from the film for a true “sneak peek.” 

As director Lee Unkrich reveals in his introduction, it’s been 10 years since “Toy Story 2” and Andy is all grown up and about to go to college. Before he leaves, however, his mom wants him to clean out his room and that means deciding what to do with his childhood toys.  Will they head to the garbage or will he bring some of them with him to college? And if he does, who will he pick? 

For those answers and more, check out the brand new clip from “Toy Story 3” embedded in this page.  Or, for a larger version, click here.

“Toy Story 3” opens nationwide on June 18.

Are you excited about a new chapter of “Toy Story”? Share your thoughts below.

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