Are the Black Eyed Peas headed to the Super Bowl half-time show?

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Are the Black Eyed Peas playing the halftime show at the 2011 Super Bowl? Sports blog Sports by Brooks
wrote today that a source had confirmed the selection to him. The NFL declined to comment, but, as he notes, the Peas have a solid history with the NFL, including performing at the 2005 Super Bowl pre-game and at the 2009 NFL Kick-off Concert.

The last few years, the NFL has relied on veteran acts (and all males) such as The Who, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Prince. The BEP”s Fergie would be the first female to play the half-time since Janet Jackson in 2004. It’s a good, mainstream choice that would keep the energy level up and draw in non-football playing fans and men who want to see Fergie.

Rolling Stone chimed in after Brooks” report showed up and suggested that the Super Bowl may be leaning more in a country direction, quoting Fox Sports president David Hill, who said, “it”s kick-ass country down in Texas.” We”re not so sure he wasn”t speaking geographically, as opposed to musical genre.

Rolling Stone says the rumor mill includes Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks and Bon Jovi. Here”s our take on those three. McGraw: would be great as part of a package, but probably not on his own. Kenny Chesney, who has a new album out this fall, would be a better bet. Bring Jimmy Buffett and Dave Matthews on and now you”re cooking. Brooks: No. Not the right time. First, he and the NFL tussled when he did the “Star Spangled Banner” in 1993. We”re sure that riff is all healed, but Brooks is going to wait until he”s got something new to push and that means waiting until he”s done with his Vegas deal and his youngest is through high school. Look for him to possible do this in January 2015. In fact, if the NFL is smart, go ahead and book him now. Bon Jovi: Great, populist choice. They have a greatest hits coming out this November that is getting a huge worldwide push, so why not give them one of the biggest worldwide platforms. Plus, they can rock the house in a way that works perfectly with football fans. If, as some speculate, the half-time show is for all the non-football fans out there, then that still makes Bon Jovi the perfect choice.

We”re reached out to a representative for Black Eyed Peas and haven”t heard back. We”ll update when we do. 

Who do you want to see perform at this year’s Super Bowl half time show? 

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