‘Aristocrats’ director takes Showtime into ‘The Green Room’

10.07.09 8 years ago

Comedy Central

Paul Provenza, who showcased a group of famous comics deconstructing a single joke in “The Aristocrats,” will give viewers addition insight into the stand-up life in Showtime’s “Behind the Green Room Door.”

Showtime has ordered six episodes of the half-hour docu-comedy series to premiere in 2010.

We presume Showtime and Provenza are intentionally paying homage to the legendary adult film “Behind the Green Door,” starring Marilyn Chambers. Most viewers probably won’t be amused.

The behind-the-scenes series features a handful of comedy veterans and neophytes talking candidly about their craft. “Behind the Green Room Door” shows what happens when comics talk in private, except that they won’t be in private, since episodes were filmed in front of a small live audience. 

“The Green Room is a ‘safe space’ for comedy, and a dangerous place for convention,” states Provenza. “If you”re not easily offended and can roll with whatever happens when there are no rules, then being behind that door can be the time of your life.”

The list of comics committed include a slew of big names, including Jonathan Winters, Eddie Izzard, Roseanne Barr, Drew Carey, Robert Klein, Penn Jillette, Martin Mull, Tommy Smothers, Sandra Bernhard, Andy Dick, Rain Pryor, Rick Overton, Paul Mooney, Bobby Slayton, Jim Jefferies, Patrice O”Neal, Andy Kindler, Dana Gould, Brendon Burns, Larry Miller and Reginald D. Hunter.

Oh and don’t worry. Bob Saget, who offered perhaps the standout interpretation in “The Aristocrats,” is also confirmed.

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