‘Arrested Development’ creator, ‘Tim and Eric’ will guest on ‘Community’

10.29.13 4 years ago

“Arrested Development” creator, “Tim and Eric” will guest on “Community”
Mitch Hurwitz will play Preston Koogler, Greendale”s ultimate party animal. PLUS: Joel McHale says “Community” scripts this season “are some of the best we’ve ever done.”

Letterman wishes he was from Pawnee, Rob Lowe jokes that Amy Poehler is “a prick”

Letterman, a “Parks and Rec” fan and Indiana native, talked to Lowe about his leaving Pawnee — and possibly coming back. Also, Lowe says, jokingly: “Amy Poehler is a prick.” PLUS: Jim O’Heir promotes candy corn.

New England Patriot star Rob Gronkowski is pitching a cartoon: “The Gronks”
“The Gronks” would feature the tight end and his four brothers.

Amy Poehler & Louis CK are directing together
Check them out on the set of Comedy Central’s “Broad City.”

Peek inside “Mad Men” star Vincent Kartheiser’s tiny Hollywood home

Kartheiser’s home is about 580 square feet.

TNT’s “Legends” casts Morris Chestnut
He’ll join Sean Bean on the spy drama premiering next year.

Check out Adam Lambert on “Glee”
Here are pics from “The End of Twerking.”

“Orange is the New Black” star “wasn’t offended” by Julianne Hough’s blackface, but….
But Laverne Cox says it’s “really sad” that “she would wear blackface and not understand the historical implications of that.”

Josh Charles reacts to “The Good Wife” shakeup
“I don’t think he’s going to go cry in his pillow,” he jokes.

See Rachel Maddow, “Simpson”-ized
The MSNBC host guest stars on this week’s episode. PLUS: Edna Krabappel will be around for another year, and Nancy Cartwright pays tribute to Marcia Wallace.

Metta World Peace guests on “Key & Peele”
Watch him deliver the “Metta World News” for Halloween.

New book tells of “The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets”
Turns out several of “The Simpsons” writers have a passion for math.

What’s wrong with “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”?
Bland stories, forgettable characters — there’s not much to get excited about after five episodes. PLUS: “S.H.I.E.L.D.” is the season’s biggest disappointment.

Alec Baldwin sits down with “2001: A Space Odyssey” stars

Watch a preview of this week’s “Up Late with Alec Baldwin.”

An “Entourage” movie had been talked about for years
Back in 2009, Mark Wahlberg said he was serious about bringing his HBO show to the big screen.

See more beard-less “Duck Dynasty” photos

Here are yearbook, prom and military pics of the A&E stars.

Hank Azaria visits “Sesame Street”
He’s looking for imposters with Elmo.

Hugh Laurie is tweeting
“Seriously,” says Jimmy Fallon — Laurie’s Twitter handle is @Jlumbrozo.

Michael Weatherly welcomes a baby boy
It’s the 2nd child for the “NCIS” star and his wife.

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