‘Arrow’ Welcomes Back a Familiar Face to Play Artemis

06.21.16 1 year ago

Yes, yet another archer is coming to Star City. Madison McLaughlin will be returning to The CW's Arrow next season but picking up an exciting new mantle.

According to Variety:

Troubled teen Evelyn Sharp (Madison McLaughlin) will return to “Arrow” in Season 5, Variety has learned, and after her brief stint behind Black Canary”s mask last season, she”s definitely been bitten by the vigilante bug. Evelyn was last seen in episode 419, “Canary Cry,” when she impersonated the fallen Black Canary to seek revenge on Damien and Ruvé Darhk for the murder of her parents.

McLaughlin's turn as “Black Canary” felt like it came out of nowhere last season and seemed a bit wasteful for the actor's talents, so I hope there are great things in store for her this time.

In the comics, Artemis Crock was the daughter of villains Tigress (Paula Brooks) and Sportsmaster (Crusher Crock). She also was on the villain side of things and eventually took her mother's moniker. In the New 52 reboot, she helped the Teen Titans. But a larger group of fans probably know the character from her time on the animated Young Justice television show where she had a similar background but played for the good guys.

While “Tigress” has appeared on Gotham (played by Jessica Lucas), this will be the first time “Artemis” goes live-action. Variety added that McLaughlin would be in the show for “multiple episodes beginning in Episode 502.”

We recently found out the premiere dates for all of The CW's shows next season; Arrow debuts October 5th.

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