Artist Alley: The best comic covers I saw this week – Amelia Cole, MODOK, and more

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Every week, smorgasbord of beautiful comic book cover art is released into the world. Each Thursday, I highlight a handful of my favorites. Come for the subjective taste in art, stay for the inevitable debate on the merits of my taste!

Today we have covers by Rafael Albuquerque, Nick Brokenshire, David Lafuente, Valentine De Landro, W. Scott Forbes, and Ashley Wood.

#1: BATWOMAN #39 – DC Entertainment
Batwoman”s sister Red Alice returns, but with that look on her face, can she really have reformed her ways?

Cover by Rafael Albuquerque. Written by Marc Andreyko. On sale 2/18.

#2: AMELIA COLE #20 – Monkeybrain Comics
Water colors are my favorite medium for showing an ethereal quality or a magical world.

Cover by Nick Brokenshire. Written by Adam P. Knoave and D.J. Kirk bride. On sale now.

#3: M.O.D.O.K. ASSASSIN #1 – Marvel Entertainment
This cover is just a bright cacophony of absurdity. I need it as a poster immediately.

Cover by David Lafuente. Writter by Christopher Yost. On sale this May.

Gonna be honest, anything to do with the “Aliens” franchise and Kelly Sue DeConnick is instantly gonna be on my list of favorites.

Cover by Valentine De Landro. Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick. On sale now.

#5: EFFIGY #2 – Vertigo Comics
An eerie, somber, mildly disturbing cover? The look of sadness on her face, the bloody police tape, the cracks in the statue. This is my kind of morose.

Cover by W. Scott Forbes. Written by Tim Seeley. On sale 2/25.

#6: ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS #2 – IDW Publishing
A washed out palette reminiscent of a sepia “Limbo”? Sign me up.

Cover by Ashley Wood. Written by Chris Ryall and Steve Niles. On sale now.

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