Artist Alley: The best comic covers I saw this week: Harley, Howard the Duck, and more


Every week, an avalanche of stunning comic book cover art is released on an unsuspecting public. Each Thursday, I highlight a handful of my favorites. Come for the subjective taste in art, stay for the inevitable debate on the merits of my taste!

Today we have covers by Elsa Charretier, Sean Galloway, Brenoch Adams, I.N.J. Culbard, Francesco Francavilla, Christian Ward, and Marguerite Sauvage.

#1: THE INFINITE LOOP #1 – IDW Publishing
The Kickstarter-backed sci-fi project about a time-traveler named Teddy and the girl of her dreams, who happens to be a paradox, got some deservedly amazing cover art.

Cover by Elsa Charretier. Written by Pierrick Colinet. On sale April 22.

#2: TEEN TITANS #7 Variant – DC Entertainment
February is Harley Quinn month, and she”s taking over 25 covers to celebrate. My personal fav is this video game inspired chibi Teen Titans. New Power Girl is looking fierce!

Cover by Sean Galloway. Written by Will Pfeifer. On sale February 18.

#3: TOMB RAIDER #13 – Dark Horse Comics
Lara Croft leaping over an Egyptian monument would be cool regardless. Lara Croft doing so in terrain-appropriate clothing is fantastic. Booty shorts and tank tops are a great way to get sunburn and snake bites.

Cover by Brenoch Adams. Written by Rhianna Pratchett. On sale February 25.

If H.P. Lovecraft ever felt like drawing a modern day “Redwall” with a “War of the Worlds” vibe, it would look exactly like this.

Cover by I.N.J. Culbard. Written by Dan Abnett. On sale February 2015.

#5: AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #4 Magazine Edition – Archie Comics
If zombie Jughead rising from the grave in a blood red filter doesn”t send delicious shivers down your spine, I don”t even know what will.

Cover by Francesco Francavilla. Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. On sale now.

#6: UNCANNY INHUMANS #0 Variant – Marvel Entertainment
Howard the Duck is taking over Marvel covers in April and this psychedelic take on “The Scream” is the best of the bunch (so far!).

Cover by Christian Ward. Written by Charles Soule. On sale April 2015.

#7: HINTERKIND #15 – Vertigo Comics
The world needs more elven queens in full plate mail. I feel like she and Thranduil would get along well…to the fanfic!

Cover by Marguerite Sauvage. Written by Ian Edginton. On sale now.


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