Artist Gender Bends 11 Classic Disney Characters, Makes You Question Everything


The idea of swapping the gender on popular fictional characters is not a new concept. In fact, the Internet refers to it as Rule 63 – warning Google the 'Rules of the Internet' at your own risk. Turning a character on its head can lead to interesting sociological conversations about why more women aren't written like men or why men don't get to utilize their sexuality to get what they want as villains.

In this case though, artist Sakimi-chan just wanted to draw some fine Disney characters and happened to swap their genders. If you aren't a least a little sexually confused by the end of this post, you're asexual or pansexual and that's cool I shouldn't make sweeping generalizations about expectations based on an outdated gender binary of attraction.

#1: Ariel – 'The Little Mermaid'
100% okay with this being a part of my world.

Art By: Sakimi-chan

#2: Maleficent – 'Sleeping Beauty'
MALE-ficent  is a bit of an understatement, yeah?

Art By: Sakimi-chan

The amount of work that went into making these portraits is impressive. See more after the jump! And be sure to check out Sakimi-chan on Facebook and DeviantArt for their other, equally amazing work.

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