Ashley Madekwe OK with her ‘Revenge’ exit, hopes to go out in a ‘blaze of glory’

05.31.13 5 years ago

Ashley Madekwe OK with her “Revenge” exit, hopes to go out in a “blaze of glory”

“My preference is that Ashley Davenport dies in a blaze of glory,” she tweeted. “Preferable whilst wearing Valentino couture….Or Chanel. I’m not fussy.”

“Arrested Development” wanted an Ellen DeGeneres cameo
Portia de Rossi says her wife was asked to be part of the Netflix season, but it didn’t work out. “I would want her to play herself,” she says.

Check out Lifetime’s Anna Nicole Smith
Agnes Bruckner stars in the original movie “Anna Nicole,” airing June 29.

See the “Falling Skies” naked Season 3 poster
“Battle Them or Become Them.”

“Mad Men’s” final Season 6 episode titles revealed

This Sunday’s episode is called “A Tale of Two Cities.” PLUS: Which games do “Mad Men” stars play on set?, and the kookiest theories.

Why “Game of Thrones” is better as a TV show
The HBO series, at times, exceeds the books.

Claim: Sarah Michelle Gellar is so awful on “The Crazy Ones” it could kill her career

Even Kelly Clarkson, who cameos in the pilot, proves to be a better comedic actress than Gellar, according to Lisa de Moraes, who says Gellar is “brittle and awful in this.” She adds: “‘The Crazy Ones’ could be her career killer….”

Don’t give Amy’s Baking Company a reality show!
Why the “Kitchen Nightmares” stars shouldn’t be rewarded for their bad behavior.

Erin Andrews was an emotional wreck at L.A. Kings games
The Fox Sports star is dating the Kings’ Jarret Stoll.

Watch “SNL’s” Kate McKinnon on her new web series
She’s starring in “I Expect You to Die” from Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video.

Ex-“House of Payne” star joining “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

Two-time Miss Puerto Rico will reportedly be part of next season’s cast.

Justine Bateman has been blogging about her life as a 47-year-old UCLA freshman

The former “Family Ties” star is taking courses in computer science.

“Workaholics” star Adam DeVine offers tips on “shaving your junk”
“If you’ve never shaved your junk before, you need to block off two hours of your time, because it’s going to get serious,” he says. “There’s going to be some heavy lifting down there, but don’t be afraid.”

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