Audiences keep it together for ‘127 Hours’ spectacular limited debut

11.07.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

AP Photo/Joel Ryan

An expected best picture contender after its critically acclaimed reception at this Fall’s Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals, competing studios have been salivating over the continuing stories regarding fainting spells or attacks during public screenings of Danny Boyle’s latest.  You see, nothing will scare off older academy members from even watching your movie than the thought of possibly dying while watching a movie.  And the subject matter, Aron Ralston’s real life accident in a Utah canyon which forced him to eventually sever his own arm, can easily have any moviegoer stressed out before they sit in their seats.  For one weekend at least, Searchlight can breathe easy with some spectacular reviews and boffo limited release numbers for the uplifting drama.

Debuting in just four theaters, “127 Hours” grossed $266,000 or a superb $66,000 average.  For 2010, that’s second only to “The Kids Are All Right’s” $70,282 average this past summer and easily the best of Boyle’s career.  At this point, the only limited openers that have a shot of besting “Kids” and “127 Hours” debuts are Searchlight’s own “Black Swan,” “The King’s Speech” and “Rabbit Hole.”

Critic’s also gave their stamp of approval to “Hours” with an 84 average on Metacritic and a 93% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.  The picture also received individual raves from the New York Times, Time, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the LA Times and it should be a staple on may end of year top 10 lists.

As of now, there have been no reported attacks from any of the sold out screenings this weekend.  Just like there were none at the slew of critic’s screenings over the past few months.  Imagine that.

“127 Hours” will expand over the coming months.  Keep yourself together and don’t miss it when it comes to a theater near you.

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