‘Batfleck v Superfleck’: Ben plays both superheroes in faux ‘BvS’ trailer

03.23.16 1 year ago

When Ben Affleck was cast to play Batman for the upcoming Batman v Superman film, there were many cries of discontent. Well, those fanboys and fangirls are going to be extremely angry when they see a YouTube video where Affleck plays both superheroes.

The faux promo for BvS was created by Todd Spence (who, on his Twitter feed, calls himself a “Comedy guy. Writer. Painter.”). It features clips from the upcoming superhero battle royale spliced together with footage from the 2006 film Hollywoodland, where Affleck played the original Superman, George Reeves. That”s where things get wacky.

The real Batman v Superman hits theaters this Friday, March 25. Or, if you”ve read the reviews already and have been scared away, maybe just watch the video.

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