Recap: ‘Battlestar Galactica’ – ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ aka ‘A Cylon stole my baby!’

03.01.09 9 years ago

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Much to HitFix’s esteemed Executive Editor and TV impresario Dan Fienberg’s chagrin, I may have become the worst TV blogger in this history of the medium.  After completely missing last week’s episode “Deadlock,” I’m now 24 hours late on “Someone to Watch Over Me” with only three episodes of our beloved “Battlestar” left?  Sigh, I’d suggest this is why you never let a movie guy volunteer to do a time-sensitive TV job, except McWeeny has been perfectly prompt in his weekly “Lost” recaps.  Now, in all honesty, last week I had a serious excuse, I was traveling on HitFix business Friday night and there was this little event called the frakin’ Academy Awards I had to deal with for 72 hours straight upon arriving back in Los Angeles.  But, I digress…

After the Oscar cloud cleared, I chatted with some buddies about “Deadlock” the reaction I got was, “Eh,” “Prelude to next week. Sort of boring” and “Didn’t do much for me.”  Well, having watched the episode it doesn’t rank up there with the greatest of the show, but it had its moments.

Before moving on to this week’s installment, “Someone to Watch Over Me,” let’s recap what we quickly learned in “Deadlock”:

– Ellen and Saul Tigh are reunited and inevitably screw around again.
– Not surprisingly, Boomer was arrested after bringing the resurrected Ellen Tigh back to the fleet
– Baltar looses control of his “cult,” sort of, but more importantly the Six in his head mysteriously reappears (anyone remember how long it’s been since we’ve seen her? I’ve lost count.)
– Caprica Six looses her baby (sad face).  Colonel Tigh is heartbroken.
– After much debate, the Final Five vote to stay with the fleet.

Needless to say, it set the stage for the dramatic events in this week’s killer episode, “Someone to Watch Over Me.”

[Spoilers after the jump.]

A lot happened in this episode, mostly in a startling final act, but there are three major items to debate and discuss overall:

Is Starbuck half Cylon?
So, after it was revealed in “No Exit” that a final Cylon series model  boxed by Cavil, was named Daniel, theories began to circulate it could be the Daniel Graystone played by Eric Stoltz in the new “Caprica” TV series.  However, if the piano man in Starbuck’s head really was the Cylon model Daniel, he’d have to be a completely different version of that construct during than who Stoltz is in the new series (um, right?).  And because the tune that Starbuck played from her childhood memories was the one recognized by the Final Five as “their” song, we still have to wonder just what the frak she really is. Could Starbuck actually be the first human/Cylon hybrid?  Could her father, who abandoned her (we assume it was Daniel) still be alive somewhere in the universe?  Is it possible after she “died” crashing on earth he resurrected her somehow to lead the fleet there?  If so, assuming he can help the Final Five and the human fleet defeat Cavil and his evil forces what is he waiting for?  Is he on a secret planet/outpost these survivors could settle on? And how much of this has been revealed or remembered by Anders, still stuck in that coma?   Clearly, these questions make the final three episodes all that more intriguing for a hardcore “Galactica’ fan to watch.

Why does it feel like this episode has set Chief up for a tragic fall?
After Chief frees Boomer, only to have her betray him (once again) by stealing Hera, you have to wonder how he’s going to be able to handle this psychologically.  Besides the every day drama he’s experienced with the fleet, he’s had one former wife die (Cally), another ex-lover revealed as a Cylon and die in his arms, found out he was a Cylon himself as one of the Final Five, discovered he’d lived on Earth thousands of years ago and now his actions may have contributed to his beloved Galactica being torn to pieces.  Now, almost every character on this show has been through some retty rough stuff (Roslin, Adama and Starbuck spring to mind first), but lord has he been through a doozy of a half season.  Can he make it through the next three episodes without some sort of heroic sacrifice?  Does anyone think every member of Final Five will still exist when this is all over?  Shoot, will Adama figure out he was the one who freed Boomer and throw him out the airlock himself?  Clearly a plot line that bears watching in the upcoming “Islanded in a Stream of Stars.” 

Why do the evil Cylons want Hera so badly? 
After letting the wonder child fade to the background for a season or two, Moore and Eick are seemingly setting up Athena and Helo’s kid, the first human-Cylon hybrid (we think), as a key plot point as the series draws for a close.  Cavil and his evil Cylon allies obviously want her, but why?  If they are intent on rebuilding the resurrection ships why does he care about this kid?  It’s one storyline that Moore and Eick have never been that clear about.  One season the Cylons want to use humans to create hybrids, another season they don’t and then this season it seems as if Cavil has reversed course and just wants to kill all the rebel Cylons and remaining humans in the fleet.  Word has leaked that the upcoming second “Battlestar” telefilm will deal with Cavil’s master plan (if there really is one), but let’s hope we get some semblance of his true intentions this whole time as the main series ends.  If stealing Hera was just about blackmailing the Final Five to fork over the resurrection ship secrets (which only Anders seems to have the key too), that’s pretty lame.

Next episode’s preview?  Galactica looks like she’s on her last legs and Adama is going to have make a decision on whether to abandon the old girl or not.  Geez,  sure would be nice to have Pegasus around again, wouldn’t it?

What did you think of “Someone”?  What are your theories about Starbuck?  Share your thoughts below.

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