Behold the trailer for ‘Demon,’ the most terrifying wedding movie of all time

08.03.16 1 year ago

Your wedding was kind of a disaster, huh? Well remember, it could've been worse. A lot worse! Just look at this damn trailer and tell me it couldn't have been worse:

Context: Demon is the final film from Polish director Marcin Wrona (The Christening), who died before the film was released in his native country. Described as a “chilling, modern version of a folk tale” mixed with a “comedy of manners” by The Playlist, the film — which takes on the monstrous dybbuk legend from Jewish folklore — centers on a groom who is “possessed by an unquiet spirit” during his wedding and then… well, terrible things happen. 

It's terribly sad that Wrona didn't live to see Demon's release in Poland, but his acclaimed artistic legacy remains secure, as the film has received very positive reviews from a number of critics. It hits U.S. theaters on September 9, and I, for one, am intrigued. R.I.P.

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