Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne Reacts to Life Online in #BatmanvInternet

03.16.16 2 years ago

How do Internet memes start? We begin with a new Batman v Superman promotional image, throw in a dash of boredom, and one writer's passion for making dreams come true. Voilà! #BatmanvInternet.

Ok, memes get started in a variety of ways. But I'm pretty sure most time they begin with boredom. For #BatmanvInternet that was definitely a factor, but also probably some procrastination on my part. I noticed Warner Bros. put out several new promotional images for Batman v Superman yesterday and while browsing through them I couldn't help but pause at one of Ben Affleck staring intensely into a computer. Putting aside that he's actually using his computer for crime-fighting, what would Bruce Wayne be looking at on the internet? I had a few thoughts.

Since it is literally a slow news day, we bring you some of the best of #BatmanvInternet and since it hasn't quite caught on yet, most of them are from me. No shame.

I originally put Bruce's photo on the opposite side, it makes much more sense the other way around. For instance:

And even our own Managing Editor of HitFix Harpy, Donna Dickens, jumped in on the, ahem, action.

I still can't stop laughing at this one.

And because it always comes back to f*#$^ing minions…

Want to try it out yourself? Unlike most memes, this one doesn't require you to put any words on top of pictures. Just tweet two images side by side – what you think Bruce would be scoping out/horrified by and this one.

Tweet us @HitFixHarpy and show us your work! And don't forget the hashtag, #BatmanvInternet.

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