Watch: Ben Harper says ‘go for it’ in new video

07.09.09 8 years ago

Take the risk. That’s the message in the video for Ben Harper and Relentless 7’s new tune, “Fly One Time.”

Even though we’re all “caught in between what you can’t leave behind and what you might never find,” we have to let go of the past to realize our potential. In this potent clip, Harper uses footage of such inspirational figures as the Dalai Lama and Lance Armstrong to show how we can triumph over what often seem to be failures.

Interspersed between low-key performance footage, we see pro-surfer Laird Hamilton pulling a rock behind him in a scene that almost seems biblical as he trains to ride some awesome waves and the legendary Olympian Jesse Owens.

The song’s message is much stronger than the music. “Fly One Time” is the most recent single from Harper’s otherwise excellent “White Lies for Dark Times.”

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