Benjamin Bratt joins ’24: Live Another Day’

01.15.14 4 years ago

Benjamin Bratt joins “24: Live Another Day”
He’ll play the CIA boss who’s tracking the rogue Jack Bauer.

“Veronica Mars” digital spinoff will revolve around Dick Casablancas

Rob Thomas tweets that the spinoff will be a comedy starring Ryan Hansen. PLUS: Jason Dohring was crushing on Kristen Bell during their three years of filming “Veronica Mars.”

1960s “Batman” TV series is finally coming to DVD — thanks to Conan?
For some reason, Warner Bros. apparently let Conan O’Brien announce the DVD release news on Twitter.

NBC orders an “Anchorman”-esque astronaut comedy from Will Ferrell, plus “Ellen More or Less”
The 1962-set “Mission Control” is a workplace comedy win which a macho astronaut butts heads with a strong woman. Meanwhile, Jason Katims’ “Ellen More or Less” is about an average-sized woman who reinvents herself after losing 100 pounds.

“True Blood” finds a replacement for Luke Grimes

“Bunheads” alum Nathan Parsons will play the new James.

Vogue first interviewed Lena Dunham in 1998 when she was 11

Dunham and her “Girls” pal Jemima Kirke were part of an article on New York’s wealthiest children. PLUS: How much is Dunham’s Vogue pictures photoshopped?

CW boss sees no reason to end “Supernatural,” talks spinoff

“As long as I’m here and those numbers still hold, god bless them, they can go as long as they want,” says CW president Mark Pedowitz. He also said there’s a good chance “The Originals” gets picked up for a 2nd season. PLUS: CW’s Wonder Woman prequel is dead, and so is “Breaking Pointe.”

Another take: Olivia Pope fixes Chris Christie

The New Yorker offers its version on how “Scandal” would tackle Bridgegate.

Terry Crews has helped “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” co-star Andre Braugher shed 20 pounds

“Terry’s my fitness guru,” says Braugher. “I now run every day, eat smart meals and try not to snack. If I want to be like Terry, I need to do what he does.”

Is “Friday Night Tykes” the new “Toddlers & Tiaras”?
The new Esquire Network show about kids playing organized football is like “Toddlers” in that they both feature parental monsters — except “Friday Night Tykes” showcases meaner parents.

“Happy Days” turns 40
The classic sitcom premiered on Jan. 15, 1974.

John Boehner to make his “Tonight Show” debut
The Speaker of the House will sit down with Jay Leno on Jan. 23.

Wanda Sykes hooks up with NickMom

She’ll help develop a comedy block for mothers as part of a comedy development deal.

Tim Gunn’s “Under the Gunn” came about when Heidi Klum had to take a season off
“Heidi and I have a pact,” says Gunn. “We will never do another season of the show without each other. I just can’t conceive of it.”

Arsenio Hall tears up during an interview

Hall lost his composure while talking about Whitney Houston with Tika Sumpter.

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