Best and Worst of ‘Dracula Untold’: So bad it’s good?

10.12.14 3 years ago

Maybe the critics were wrong.

Maybe “Dracula Untold” is the entertaining fantasy action-adventure moviegoers have been waiting for since, um, “Guardians of the Galaxy” opened at the beginning of August. Maybe Luke Evans has a huge following know one really knew about.  Maybe America has just been waiting for Dracula to be a hero like those Vamps in “Twilight” and “True Blood.”  Whatever it was, “Dracula Untold” almost won the weekend at the box office and somewhat over performed with $23 million at the box office.

Now, “Untold” cost a reported $100 million so its unclear if a sequel will ever happen (it's clearly set up for one).  That being said, the HitFix staff has thought long and hard about the best and worst moments of Gary Shore's directorial debut.  We'll be honest. It was hard to find more than two bests (and one might be a backhanded compliment).

Are we right? Are we wrong? Does the media just not understand that “Dracula Untold” is so bad…it's good? Check out our best and worst in the story gallery at the bottom of this post and then let us know what you thought of the movie in the comments section.

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