Best Picture Contenders 2010: The year Oscar lives dangerously

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It’s no exaggeration to proclaim the advent of  the new 10 nominations rule has completely changed the Oscar race.  Films that wouldn’t have had a stone’s throw of being seriously considered when there were only five nominees before now have excellent chances to forever engrave the magic words: “Best Picture Nominee” on their DVD, Blu-ray or iPhone download receipt. 

The goal of the change, of course, was to make sure critical and commercial blockbusters such as last year’s award season racers “The Dark Knight” and “WALL-E” weren’t ignored by the sometimes too discerning Academy members.  Things haven’t completely worked out in the Academy’s favor this year as the number of truly quality commercial hits isn’t as large as you’d hope.  Making matters worse are films that could have potentially sneaked in such as “Public Enemies” and “Funny People” aren’t strong enough to make even a broad contenders cut.  Still, looking at the pool of candidates it wasn’t hard to find 29 legitimate contenders for Oscar 2010.  And yes, they even include some popular summer flicks such as “Star Trek” and “District 9” as well as this December’s highly anticipated “Avatar.”

Click here to take a gander at the pros and cons of this year’s pool of potential nominees and share your thoughts below.

Look for best actor, actress, the supporting categories, director and additional contenders breakdowns in the weeks to come.

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