Bette Midler revealed the ‘REAL’ reason Disney hasn’t made a ‘Hocus Pocus’ sequel

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It”s almost Halloween! Which means it”s that time of year. The time when you pull out the old VHS player, dust it off, and pop in “Hocus Pocus” for its annual viewing. Or you can just watch it on television on basically any given day all month. Either/or.

Somewhere between the witches murdering a small child in cold blood and Bette Midler singing “I Put A Spell On You,” it becomes obvious a tragedy is unfolding. How does this perennial classic not have a sequel or three? How could Disney have left such obvious money on the table?

Bette Midler knows why…


Of course she”s joking…I think. But the fact remains. In a sea of sequels, how has this gem been overlooked? Now that she has the Internet”s undivided attention, The Divine Miss M makes a very valid point.


What do you guys think? Does the gang need to get back together for a “Hocus Pocus 2: 2Hocus2Pocus” sequel?

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