‘Better Off Ted’ star moves to Matthew Perry pilot

02.10.10 8 years ago


Although ABC has yet to cancel the low-rated, cult-favorite comedy “Better Off Ted,” the show’s castmembers have begun the process of migrating to other pilot projects, just in case.

The first “Better Off Ted” veteran to line up a possible new gig is Andrea Anders, who will play the female lead in ABC’s “Mr. Sunshine,” opposite Matthew Perry.

The pilot stars Perry as the manager of a San Diego stadium who decides to change his life after his 40th birthday. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anders will be Alice, the main character’s friends-with-benefits.

Also joining Perry, Anders and Allison Janney in the cast of “Mr. Sunshine” is Nate Torrence.

Sharp-minded fans will no doubt note that Anders previously co-starred with Perry’s “Friends” colleague Matt LeBlanc in “Joey.” Fans with long memories will also remember that last spring, when “Better Off Ted” was in a similarly precarious position, Anders did the pilot “The Big D.”

While “Better Off Ted” earned a last-minute reprieve last year, the show is considered an even longer shot for renewal now, though “Mr. Sunshine” will remain in second position for Anders.

Other credits for Anders include “The Class,” an arc on “Oz” and the feature “Sex Drive.”

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