Betty White strikes again: ‘Hot in Cleveland’ premieres big

06.17.10 7 years ago

TV Land

Residents of Cleveland should take solace: Even if Lebron James leaves this off-season, at least the city still has Betty White, fictionally at least.
“Hot in Cleveland,” TV Land’s first original sitcom, premiered on Wednesday (June 16) to the largest audience in the network’s history. Some of that success could conceivably be tied to Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick, but like everybody else, we’ll give full credit to Betty White.
The “Hot in Cleveland” premiere drew 4.75 million viewers. That includes 2.0 million viewers in TV Land’s target 25-54 demographic, 1.3 million of them women. Among adults 18-49, “Hot in Cleveland” drew 1.6 million viewers.
To make a comparison to an utterly unrelated cable series that also premiered this spring to a big audience, FX’s “Justified” launched to a smaller overall audience (just under 4.16 million viewers), but a larger 18-49 audience (2.04 million viewers) in March.
Then again, to make a totally different apples-to-oranges comparison, White’s much ballyhooed “Saturday Night Live” appearance in May drew 12.1 million viewers.
What do we make of that? Nothing. TV Land is very pleased with the “Hot in Cleveland” performance.

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